Vinyl Flakes (Black-White-Grey) Pattern

Vinyl Flakes (Black-White-Grey) Pattern

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Vinyl Flakes/Vinyl Chips

This vinyl flakes can be used with Eparency Epoxy or Polyaspartic Floor coating. It can also be used with any other epoxy system.

Many companies and homeowners choose to go with an epoxy or polyaspartic flake system for their garage floor coating. This in combination with it's extreme durability make it ideal for high foot-traffic areas. The relative ease with which Epoxy Flake coatings are applied allows for this system to be applied, not just by seasoned professional decorative contractors, but also homeowners and DIY weekend warriors.


How Do You Apply Eparency Floor System with Floor Flake Chips?

Level the floor with a floor grinder or self-leveling concrete

Make sure your concrete floor is not retaining moisture. Mix part A & B of Eparency Floor System at the recommended ratio. Add one of Eparency pigments/inks that match the color of your flakes.

Squeegee the Eparency Floor System onto your floor. Be sure to wear spike shoes!

Throw the Eparency flakes into the air and let them fall onto your floor coat (chicken feeding motion). Cover the entire floor with flakes evenly.

Once it cures, (usually 12-24 hours later) vacuum the leftover flakes. You could also scrape vertical flakes with a trowel.

Mix, pour and roll a another coat of Eparency Polyaspartic to seal your flakes.