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Warehouse Address: 6/18 Prospect Place, Boronia VIC

You are also welcome to come in and have a chat at the warehouse with an appointment. The warehouse is open from 10am to 3pm each working day excluding public holiday.

Eparency is an Australian chemistry company. We are proud of developing all our own products. Our products are unique in its own way. You wont find the epoxy like our eparency epoxy any where else, You wont find the alcohol ink like our alcohol ink. You wont find the same impression molding powder anywhere. People has asked me how come your alcohol ink is nonflammable. Well, thats the unique products we developed. The owner has long history of developing wide range of chemical products. Before starting Eparency at 2018, the owner has developed many Australian chemical products. Some of which are on the shelf of Bunnings and Mitre 10. If you have some chemical products to develop in your mind, We are interested to hear from you. We are happy to custom develop chemical products for our clients. But bear in mind developing a product is different from ordering coffee. Developing products take time. If you need a chemical product developed urgently, please go somewhere else for your request. If you are a reasonable person with interesting chemistry product to develop, by all means let me know and lets see what we can do. No matter how small the order would be, Its not about making money, its about how interesting the chemical product is. 

Its tough to run an Australian manufacture. The labor cost, rental, raw materials cost are all higher than oversea manufactures. However, by running our own local manufactures, we develop Australian intellecture properties, keep jobs in Australia, we can do better products than oversea ones. Nowadays, so many of products are claimed to be made-in-australia. I know many of these claims are false. For example, one Queensland epoxy seller claims the epoxy is made in Australia, but its actually imported from China. Sometimes people ask me why donot I just imported the products from China. Because I simply donot want to. Over 20 years ago, I chose chemistry even though I can choose anything else I want. Now I am a world class chemist. My product is used in China bullet trains, its used in world most famous jewelry company, etc. Pioneering new chemicals is what I love and so its what I do. Some people walk into my factory assuming I simply import products and decant them, that really upset me.


 Eparency Made In Melbourne