Polyurethane Hard Casting Resin Clear Non Yellowing Shore D88

Polyurethane Hard Casting Resin Clear Non Yellowing Shore D88

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Eparency Polyurethane Casting Resin

Product Name: Two Parts PU Casting Resin PUWCD88

Brand: Eparency

Viscosity: 2500-3500 cps

Colour: Clear; no colour

Size: 0.5 litre to 100 litre

Mixing Ratio: 1:1 (A:B) Cure in room temperature

Shore D Hardness: 88

Potlife: 30 minutes

Appearance: Water clear liquid

Curing Time: 1-2 days depending on ambient temperature and room humidity (custom made option is available, curing time can be altered according to your need)

PUWCD88 produces a high impact, rigid, 88 Shore D material that is commonly used to make clear or tinted castings of all kinds.  When used at room temperature castings Any thickness can be readily cast.  Thinner casting would cure faster.  Easy 1:1 by volume mix ratio for machine casting. May be pigmented with small amounts of castmonite pigments or epoxy ink.

Eparency Casting Resin is 100% weather and UV proof. Its Australian made for Australian harsh weather. Eparency Casting  Resin requires mixing resin A and resin Part B together before application. Its a good alternative to epoxy resin. As all epoxy resin will discolor over the year, which this polyurethane resin is 100% UV proof and will not discolor at all. But note that not all polyurethane resin is created equal, some polyurethane resin on the market will go discolor. 

Instruction: Mix eparency casting resin part A and part B thoroughly. Next step is to get rid of these mixing bubbles. Before pouring the eparency casting resin, the mixture need to be vacuumed for a couple of minutes till all bubble has disappeared. The vacuum process could take up to 5 minutes. Donot vacuum for too long as the mixture might become too thick to pour. Although this casting resin is designed to minimise bubble, all care need to be taken when pouring the resin to avoid introduce new bubbles. Make sure to finish pouring the resin into the mould within its working time. Polyurethane is usually sensitive to moisture. This product is designed less sensitive to moisture but users still need to watch for moisture level. Donot use the product when atmosphere moisture level is over 90%.


Tools for successful casting:

Vacuum - must have. 

Silicone Mould

Feature of Eparency PU casting resin:
Non yellowing PU formula
Ultra clear glass like finish
Melbourne local developed and made