Eparency Wood Stablizing Resin (Australian Cactus Juice)

Eparency Wood Stablizing Resin (Australian Cactus Juice)

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1kg kit including 1kg of Eparency Wood Stabilizing Resin + 10gram of activator

2kg kit including 2kg of Eparency Wood Stabilizing Resin + 20gram of activator


  • Drying wood in 100°C oven for at lease 2 hours to remove all moisture
  • Activate the resin by adding the activator to the stabilizing resin. Shelf life after activation is one month (under 20°C; away from sunlight and heat source). Adding too much activator or leaving the activated resin in higher temperature will shorten the shelf life. You donot have to activate the whole bottle at once. But you need to make sure the mixing ratio is 100:1. Less activator would cause a under cured resin, more activator would shorten the shelf life.
  • Wait until activator fully dissolved. Place mixture in cool and shady place.
  • Add resin to weighted-down wood in vacuum chamber
  • Apply vacuum until no more bubbles
  • Allow to soak for one more hour 
  • Place the soaked wood in oven at 90-100°C
  • Leave for 2-4 hours until cured
  • Remove wood block. If still wet, immediately place back in oven and cure for two more hours.

    Note: Donot mix anything containing metal oxide into the activated resin, which will cause the resin to cure in room temp, that including metal oxide pigments and their paste; rusty metal container and weights. Donot leave the activated resin in car or shed, the temperature could raise to 80°C in concealed confinement, which will cause the activated resin to cure. Donot leave the activated resin under sunlight, UV will shorten the shelf life.  Please do not use Cactus Juice resin dyes, we use different activator as Cactus Juice activator is rated as dangerous good in Australia. Cactus Juice dyes would trigger our activator, that would result in curing in room temp.

    As all Eparency products, Eparency stablizing resin is 100% developed and made in Australia. Eparency stabilizing resin has the advantage of being clearer (Colour might shift after activation. Max Gardner rating less than 4), lower odour and having superior strength comparing with the American cactus juice

    Tip of successful wood stablizing: 

    Wood must be dried in oven before soaked in Eparency stabilizing resin. Most wood contain over 10% moisture and that moisture must be removed, or the wood wont absorb as much as stablizing resin. The dried wood must be used as soon as possible. Storage in zip bag is not recommended. Wood can still absorb moisture even in sealed zip bag. Its recommended to dry the wood in 100°C oven for over 2 hours.

    Eparency stabilizing resin must be activated. To activate the resin, activator is to be mixed in the resin. 

    To maximize the resin absorbed into the wood, wood must be fully soaked into the activated resin, and vacuum must be pulled until no bubble appears. 

    Soaked wood is to be taken out of the resin solution, and the wood shall be placed in 85 degree C oven for 2 hours to cure. Donot set temperature over 90 degree C. The finished product will weight 15-80% heavier than the original. The finished wood would be 30-400% increase in impact strength and 45-600% increase in tensile strength.






    Is this Stabilizing Resin exactly the same as American Cactus Juice?

    No. Its similar. but its developed in Australia independently.

    Can I tint the resin?

    Yes. Most aniline dyes are compatible and show bright colours, but you have to test it yourself to confirm it. Unfortunately, we donot sell stabilizing resin dye at the moment.