Eparency School Glue

Eparency School Glue

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Eparency School Glue

Not like other school glue. Eparency always make unique products including this Australian made school glue. It has highest solids among all school glues on the market. And, the dried glue is water proof which is a world first.

Feature: High solids, water proof.

Viscosity: 15000 cps

Color: No color, clear glue, dries clear.


The Many Faces of School Glue

1. Construction Paper Collage: Unleashing Creativity

Creativity knows no bounds when school glue is at hand. With a few strokes of a glue stick, students can transform ordinary construction paper into vibrant collages. Whether it is a class project or a personal masterpiece, school glue adheres paper effortlessly, allowing young minds to express their imagination. By creating collages, children develop fine motor skills and visual spatial reasoning, while also learning about color combinations and composition.

2. Science Fair Triumphs: The Glue That Holds It All Together

Behind every successful science fair project lies a reliable adhesive – school glue. From creating volcanoes to constructing models of the solar system, school glue provides the necessary bond to hold various materials in place. With its wide range of applications, this adhesive enables students to explore scientific concepts through hands-on experimentation. The scientific process becomes more tangible as pupils witness their ideas materialize before their very eyes.

3. Crafty Endeavors: Bringing Imagination to Life

Whether it's making paper mache masks or designing homemade ornaments, school glue is a must-have for any craft enthusiast. This multipurpose adhesive allows students to explore diverse art techniques and materials, from fabric to beads, to create one-of-a-kind artworks. As they navigate through the realm of creativity, children develop problem-solving skills, patience, and attention to detail. School glue acts as a trusted partner, ensuring every craft project withstands the test of time.

4. Interactive Learning: The Assembler of Educational Resources

In the digital age, interactive learning has become increasingly crucial in engaging students. School glue plays a vital role in this process, allowing educators to create tactile materials that enhance comprehension and retention. By using glue to assemble learning aids such as flashcards, flipbooks, or interactive charts, teachers can captivate their students' attention and facilitate a deeper understanding of complex topics. With school glue's adhesive prowess, educational resources become more tangible and interactive.

The Pinnacle of Reliability: Why School Glue Reigns Supreme

The widespread popularity of school glue can be attributed to its unmatched reliability. Unlike other adhesives, it is non-toxic, making it safe for children to handle. Moreover, it dries quickly and provides a sturdy bond, ensuring projects withstand the test of time. Its versatility allows it to adhere to various surfaces, from paper and cardboard to fabric and wood. As a water-based adhesive, school glue is also easily washable, keeping the mess to a minimum.

Optimal Usage and Storage Hacks

To maximize the benefits of school glue, here are a few usage and storage hacks:

  1. Use a thin layer: Apply school glue in a thin, even layer to ensure efficient adhesion and faster drying time.
  2. Store upside down: Storing glue bottles upside down prevents air from entering and drying out the adhesive, making it last longer.
  3. Clean the nozzle: Regularly wipe the nozzle with a damp cloth to remove dried glue, preventing clogs and ensuring smooth application.
  4. Use glue sticks for precise application: Glue sticks are ideal for detailed projects or when applying glue to small areas.