Eparency Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

Eparency Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

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Eparency Epoxy Floor Coating is a commercial grade high performance coating system. You donot need primer, coating and then top coat. This Eparency epoxy coating is the all-in-one formula which is ideal for home and commercial use. This single layer coating provides you with a durable floor that withstand cleaners, chemicals, engine fluid, transmission liquid, etc. It finishes with an easy to clean surface. This coating is idea for garages, warehouses and other flooring that is concrete based. Eparency epoxy floor coating is a great option if you are looking for tough and attractive flooring. There are a few colours to choose from.

Benefit of Eparency Epoxy Flooring:

Provide a more durable surface than Eparency water based floor coating

Make the floor easy-to-clean

Versatile to be used for both residential and commercial project

Zero VOC



100% solids

Recommended mixing volume: 4-10 litres

Pot life: 5 minutes


Direction for use

  1. preparing the floor. Epoxy will not adhere well to sealed or painted concrete. Any seaer need to be removed by grinding or acid etching. Repair any large cracks, pittings or spalling. For newly poured concrete, it must be let cure for at least 28 days. Make sure the flooring contains no moisture. Do a moisture test if necessary. Remove all dust, oil and grease. Acid etching or grinding the floor for best bonding. Thoroughly clean the floor and let dry completely.
  2. Mixing two parts according to Eparency mixing ratio. Pour mixed solution onto the floor within pot-life, while its better to pour Eparency epoxy on the floor immediately after the mixing. Epoxy are exothermic during chemically cure process, it could overheat within the mixing pot if its left longer than its pot life. Pot life shortens as the room temperatures rise. Do not mix higher volume than recommended. Mixing higher volume can severely reduce pot life and not allow enough time for application.
  3. Once Eparency epoxy has been poured onto the floor, you have 1 hr working window to spread it evenly. Start in the back corner and roll it out.
  4. If you need extra coat, you have a general window of 10-20 hrs before applyingyour second coat.


When properly installed, Eparency Epoxy Coatings is designed to provide protection to the most challenging concrete slabs. This nonflammable, low odour, non-blushing formulation requires no solvent wiping or sand broadcasting. Eparency Epoxy Coatings is formulated to be effective in blocking the surface alkalinity of concrete slabs, providing a surface pH level of 9 or lower, as recommended by the Australian Carpet Institute, making it ideal for bonding with most adhesives.