IM300 - Eparency Alginate Bodygel Impression Molding Powder 3 minutes Set Time

IM300 - Eparency Alginate Bodygel Impression Molding Powder 3 minutes Set Time

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IM300 Impressional molding powder with 3 minutes set time

Product parameters:
Mixing ratio: 1:1 by weight ( one part of powder mixed with one part of water. e.g. 100gram powder and 100gram water ) 
Set time: 3 minutes (set starts as soon as water is mixed in). Set time is calculated from the time of mixing water to the mixture solidified. 
Gel time: 1 minutes (gel time is from the mixing water to gelation). You must finish mixing and insert body parts into the mixture before gel time.
Grade: food grade
Color: white to off white

  1. Weight powder on scales
  2. Mix equal weight amount of water to powder (1 to 1 mixing by weight)
  3. Stir well (but donot spend too much time)
  4. Insert body parts or prototypes into the mixture
  5. Wait till the mixture solidifies. Its better to wait a bit extra time to ensure the solid is strong enough
  6. Wiggle the body parts and gently remove them from the mold
  7. Use the mold as soon as possible. This alginate impression powder is more dimensionally stable than any others on the market. However, shrinkage is still expected over days as all alginate mold. You can minimize the shrinkage by keeping the mold in sealed container. This mold is intended for one time use. However, its stronger than any other alginate mold on the market, you might be able to use it multiple times if care is taken.

As all Eparency products, this Eparency Alginate moulding powder is developed and made in Australia. And we can beat any prices of the Alginate moulding powder from legit business which paying Australian taxes. We can even match the price with these alginate powder made in China. Its sad to think that Australia has to import everything from oversea including this alginate powder. Eparency makes it here and be able to match their price, and even make a profit with their price.  and good thing is we can make 20 tons and deliver to you by next week. and we can make it cure faster or slower depending on your need. Eparency can make it thinner or thicker, stronger or weaker(easier to break the mould to access the cast). Thats the benefit of making stuff in Australia, we keep the profit and the knowledge here. We can keep improving the product and train young people with the knowledge.

This is a disposable moulding material so you will end up using larger quantity than silicone. That’s why we supply the product in bulk. If you can pick up from our outlet in Boronia, Victoria, the price would be even cheaper. Simply contact our sales via messenger or email, we can get a better pick up price for you. 

All ingredients in the Alginate moulding powder are food grade and conform to Australia standards. It is suitable to mould body parts and designed for skin touch. Alginate mould is not designed for multiple use. As it contains large amount of water, the mould is not suitable for epoxy casting. It’s designed for castmonite casting and plaster casting, etc. Alginate mold is not suitable for multiple use. Its not dimentional stable and will leach water over time. Its better to use it as soon as possible to avoid shrinkage. The gypsum or castmonite cast would be wet inside the mold. Once you demold the cast and let it dry, the cast will gain its strength.

Tips of successful moulding:
Prepare everything before mixing with water 
Mixing the correct amount of water 
Mix thoroughly but donot spend too much time mixing as the curing is happening during the mixing process
Timing is important as the moulding powder is designed to cure quick
In any case you would like to get slower or faster curing, contact us and our chemist can custom made it for you. 

Impression Molding Powder in Arts and Crafts

Beyond the field of dentistry, impression molding powder finds its place in the realm of arts and crafts. Its versatility and moldability make it an excellent choice for creating intricate designs and reproductions.

How can impression molding powder elevate your artistic pursuits?

Impression molding powder offers a wide array of possibilities for artists and crafters:

  1. Detailed replication: With its ability to capture fine details, impression molding powder allows artists to create precise replicas of objects, sculptures, or even body parts.
  2. Ease of use: The simple mixing process and quick setting time make impression molding powder accessible to artists of all skill levels.
  3. Versatile material: The resulting molds can be used with various casting materials like resin, clay, wax, or metal, giving artists the ability to experiment with different mediums.
  4. Durability: Impressions made with molding powder are robust and can be reused multiple times, giving artists the freedom to explore their creativity without limits.
    Whether you are a sculptor, jewelry maker, or mixed media artist, impression molding powder can be a game-changer in your creative journey.

Impression Molding Powder in Manufacturing

Impression molding powder also finds its place in the manufacturing industry, where it plays a crucial role in creating precise molds for a range of applications.

How does impression molding powder benefit manufacturers?

  1. Precision casting: Manufacturers need accurate molds to create high-quality products. Impression molding powder provides the level of detail required for intricate components and complex shapes.
  2. Time and cost efficiency: By using impression molding powder, manufacturers can streamline their production processes and minimize wastage. The quick setting time allows for faster mold production, reducing overall production timelines and costs.
  3. Reproducibility: Impression molding powder allows for consistent replication of molds, ensuring uniformity in the manufactured products.
  4. Versatility: From small-scale prototypes to large-scale production runs, impression molding powder adapts to various manufacturing needs, providing flexibility and efficiency.