Polyaspartic Coating Resin Low Viscosity Gloss Finish Fast Set

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Eparency Polyaspartic Coating Resin Low Viscosity Fast Set

Product Name: Two Parts 1:1 Hard Low Viscosity Polyaspartic Resin

Brand: Eparency

Viscosity: 250-400 cps

Colour: Clear; no colour

Shore D: 90 (Hard)

Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by weight or volume

Potlife: 20 minutes

Appearance: Water clear liquid

Curing Time: 1-2hrs depending on ambient temperature and room humidity. 

This polyaspartic coating contains solvent, which is fast vaporized. No solvent residue in the finished coating. Coating has high glossy finish.  Coating is rock hard, scratch and heat resistant. 

Simple Instruction

Do the mixing and coating in a well ventilated place. Wear protective equipment. No fire or smoking during the whole process. 

Mix A and B with 1:1 ratio by weight till smooth. Donot mix for too long. Mixture could turn thick after a few minutes. Coating need to be done within the potlife. Its better for the coating to be done as soon as possible after mixing. A thick mixture could trap bubble. Coating thickness shall be within 1 millimetre. Thick coating might trap bubble. Coating thickness shall be even lower for vertical surface. Thick coat on vertical surface could slump and cause surface unevenness.

It will take a few hours for the coating to cure. During the curing process, do not touch or move the object to avoid surface distortion.